A Standard Cutting Order

  • 3/4″ Pork Chops - 2,4,6 per Package depending on the size of your family. You could also cut your chops 1/2″ if you want a thinner chop or 1″ if you like a thicker chop.
  • 3/4″ Pork Steaks - 2pp if you take the steaks it will take away your Shoulder Roast.

Pork Roasts

  • 4-Shoulder Roast - 2 less roast if you take your pork steaks
  • 4-Picnic Roast - (2 of each on a half of pig with a half of pig you would need to choose between pork steak or pork roast)


  • Ham can be left as a fresh ham
  • Ham Roast 2-3#,
  • Whole
  • Half with ham slices
  • 3# or 4-5#

Cured and Smoked

  • After the ham is cured and smoked it can be cut
  • In half with 1/2″ slices out of the center 24 slices
  • Whole
  • In Half
  • Cut as ham roast of any size


  • Cured and Smoked
  • On a whole pig you can split the sausage between 2 or 3 choices
  • Sliced Thick, Medium or Thin
  • On a half pig you can split the sausage between 2 choices
Spare ribs are included with the pig if you would like fresh or smoked hocks please make sure to ask these questions when you place your cutting order.

Pork Cut Order