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Half -Beef includes the following

(Based on a 600-725# beef. These details are only an approximate figure.)

Cuts of Beef diagram
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Beef FAQ

In a spilt side you get the same as you would in a half, we just go “every other steak.”

Each party gets the same number of steaks and roasts.

Cost primarily depends on the market price at the time of the beef coming in for processing.
Example: If half a beef weighs 350lbs and the market price is $3.50. (that includes processing); without any extras the price would be $1225.00

Make sure you book your animals in advance. We generally are booked out 3 to 4 months. You may book your animals one year in advance.

It takes 2 weeks to process your order from the time the animal is dropped off until it is ready to be picked up.

No, Due to a high number of cutting orders each week we will not call when your order is finished.

Cutting loss is approximately 60% live to hanging weight. Hanging weight to finished weight is 35-40% loss.
Example: (On a standard cutting order) Live weight=1,000lbs Slaughter weight=600lbs Final take home=375lbs

No. We buy animals locally year round for customer orders.

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Beef Cut Order